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Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

kisah KITA, selamanya .....

the one who never leave, no matter how hard things get... me for you, you for me, call it US... <3

year by year, we spent together. face all the truth, tease all the ups and down, whisper the sweetness of love, and cuddle in the togetherness. we are happy with out love life. we comfortable each other. I can tell him everything I want to tell, and so do him. we still have our own world but we share everything we trought there. we did jealousy but never too much. we do have different opinion but always resolved. trouble is a friends but understanding is a best friend. 

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR US.... this has been 7 years we were togeher but we want forever in togetherness... our love is our home... warm and safe... as long as we love each other, OUR LOVE is the primary key of our happiness... I LOVE YOU, OKY BAYU MURDIANTO. <3 -mrs.o-

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