Smile! and Thank you!

Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

Lady Brown

ankle boots by shoeka shoes, flower pants by ln for hardware, unbranded brownie dress, belt and headband by strawberry.

       a great day to take photo session. I love shoes in this outfit. shoeka shoes, handmade leather shoes from local seller. comfort and fit into my legs. no worries while wearing this shoes. day was perfect but it makes perfect. LOVE IT. -mrs.o-

No Excessive

black wedgie boots by christian siriano, tiger print skirt by magnolia

         from china town until park in front of shrine, her mix match grab attention of the other pedestrians. simple but sexy, no excessive. a nice place for this photo session is her suggestion. KEN PARK. -mrs.o-

Feel Brown

shinny black  wedges gosh, unbranded chiffon blouse, unbranded flowery pashminah.

       she feel brown today. she did all the brown things. she had done the last final exam for this semester. she miss her holiday. she looked like dark chocolate strawberry. sweet and sour.