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Senin, 26 November 2012

Blazer Player

unbranded pinky red hair dress, pink cotton hip T-shirt by ninety degrees, deep grey lace blazer by magnolia, black trouser by lm for hardware, dark blue shoes by almanda jane's, rainbow stripes red bag by spiderbilt.

I want to express my self by what I wear and the way I dressed. Not to compared with anyone, I have own track. And blazer is not impossible to wear when the sun shine brighter, at least not only when I am a manager. take blazer more easy. =D -mrs.o-

Minggu, 25 November 2012

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Sabtu, 24 November 2012

ready to darK !

black pashmina hair dress, deep grey puffy bolero by magnolia, black T-shirt by ninety degrees, unbranded deep grey trouser, black high wedges by connection, owl neklace by strawberry.

my bag is classy buy trendy. that is my mom bag. black and grey is easy but always enchanting. through the day and night, style UP UP UP !

jour et nuit, Motifellas.

ribbon headband by strawberry, grey puff bolero by magnolia, unbrannded motifed asimetry dress, white high heels y peter jane, bracelet set by naughty.

she ready to enjoy her day untill evening pick her up. capture her in mall and outdoor cafe. she is never unable to captured ! lovely ! 

Rabu, 21 November 2012

Birdy Hood

orange and purple hanging friendly here, when the birds comes together on my shirt. and look up on my hair dress.

purple paris hairdressed, black lace ribbon, bird print orange long shirt by lm for hardware, purple jeans by magnolia, dark blue shoes by almanda jane's and orange brifcase by feW bag.

Say Hey Grey !

her name is Febriana wulansari. she is owner of feW bag on my older post. cute bag hah?? want some??

grey paris hairdressed, black cardi, grey dress, black jeans, and flowery blue feW bag

 by her own way, own touch, she dressed. she's got style! :D

heading to me, Sign!

you know her, I captured her on the older post. tiger print skirt, that is it enough to highlight her. no plan is secure, like her. :)

 goldenrod details cardi,  animal print skirt, darkbrown tanktop, matahari footwear, owl necklet,

difficulty capture

plaid maxi shirt, black roxy belt, crocs footwear, g-shock watch.

she is the kindest friend I ever have, but she is the most careless friend too. she is adventurous people in everything. she need her freedom but never ever ever give it to her, she will go wild and careless, certainly. =D

short the Top

do you ever see a delicious girl  like her?? she is friendly, she is eloquent and she has a lot of laughter. you will never find quite time with her. unless when you stare at her picture below.

browny lace dress by magnolia, lace bolero, black rope up shoes

hold on, Ballerina !

she is Galuh oktavia siswono. our friendship begin so long ago when we took course for junior high school national final exam. then we separated and we met again when we took the same course for senior high school national final exam. untill now, we are close friend. =)

black long T-shirt, detail creamy skirt, feW bag, enbranded cute footwear.

cowgirl, ooh I mean cow girl...

her name is Elsa suryaningtyas. we call her echa. or as known as chappydudud. real dudud?? maybe. =D

do you understand why I said cow girl?? yeah she love all of cow print on her things. and as you can see on the pictures, she dressed with long cow print T-shirt and she brings cow print bag. and last but not least she does black and white on her look. watch out your look for! hahahahaha =P

      black and white paris headressed, long cow print T-shirt, logo black jeans, crocs footwear, cow print feW bag.