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Kamis, 15 November 2012

Screamed out loud, and Craziest time passed

I will never let you fall 
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all 
Even if saving you sends me to heaven.....

Seven girls screamed loudly sing that song. I thought, lyrics were really matter in their heart. for sure.
that's what we are, as a sudden we wanted to karaoke, we went to Happy Puppy Grand City Surabaya. Happy Puppy?? it is a family karaoke, not a pet shop... we are beatingers++, we love the unplanned plan because the planned plan can not work properly for us anytime. why?? ask your self... :) amel, me, echa, galuh, pungky, febri, yunita and the unfinished playlist. not only because we can not sing all songs , but HapPup have a trouble with their touchscreen system. haaaaash... Watch out readore ! by the way, 179800 for three hour + one pitcher lemon tea + a bunch of french fries, is it cheap ?? shake your head... :) do you no this song, readore?

jujur saja aku takut nanti
kisah kasih masa lalu terulang lagi
tak rela sungguh ku tak rela
bila nanti aku harus kehilanganmu
masa lalu biarlah masa lalu 
jangan kau ungkit jangan ingatkan aku
mas lalu biarlah masa lalu
sungguh hatiku tetap cemburu.....

is it sound familiar?? yes if you were pantura trukman. But yunita and pungky gone wild with this song followed by iwak peyek song.  this is duo ngo in action. they dance like they become trio macan next generation.  hahhahahhha :P

as curious as we are, echa typed videos when amel, galuh, febri, yunita, pungky, and me cover songs and followed the move in the video clips. don't take seriously, we did it sak kenek e movement. hahaahhaha it will be the most bizarre videos in history of human civilitation. do you ever see that monkeys in the lazy song video clip gave uk uk ak ak voice? when did cherrybelle never in rythm and become the part of dragon ball movie so they did kamekameha? do you ever see cherrybelle were very korep and have various body size? YES WE DID. 
do you wanna see the video? it will be played in cinema 22 nearby, SOON. don't miss it readore. :D . keep your eyes on of the picture below :

3 hour made us tired. our voice have been trained when screamed 'rock' song loudly.  let us see what happened next day. say hai to our next stress healing.  -mrs.o-

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