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Rabu, 21 November 2012

beatify, unbeaten, beatingers++

sorry for too long update. I was very busy to capture some shoot for this blog. and this is my update. this is a bunch of my friends, no, this is my whole close friends. family we can choose, sister who we want, friends we need the most, and enemy we can't fight. yeah, we are beatingers++.

 gangs?? I don't think so. we just comfortable each other. we had a lot of crazy time we spent together. we did so many things against the rules. we do what we want and we need not what other want and needs to see from us. it is not selfish but it is enjoying our self. we wont hurt the other and we want the other not to hurt us.

last two pictures taken by our guardian angel, amel, by the way...
don't take too serious. just out laugh together. we are beatingers and our life. remind us, but do not bother us. -mrs.o-

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