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Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

absolutely, completly, and totally PERFECT MAN

what belongs to you comes to you. am I right?I hope so...
he belongs to me.

he never really leaves my mind since we met.
he's got everything I want and I need.
he created undescribable classic formless random feeling in my flat story path.
he catchs my eyes, heart, and mind at the same time.
he steals my attention by the ignorance.
he makes me laugh louder.
he is my tears duster also caused cry me a river.
he makes me feel I never felt. 
he makes ​​me wondered.
he kept me falling in love.
he makes my heart beat going faster and slower simultaneously.
he is my dream partner.
he is my future framework.
he is the love of my life.
he is my everything.
      As time went by, I realized that the bitter and sweet that actually keeps us going. we were on the field where the logic covered with a sense of heart that makes life meaningless without it. we go through the ups and downs together, start off on things together from the scratch, anything we go through at all would turn to unforgettable memories, no doubt. so, if something is truly meant for, no one & nothing can stop us to be inseparable . 
I LOVE YOU, OKY BAYU MURDIANTO. titik dua bintang 

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